Why use WordPress?

With the importance web surfers and search engines place on keeping your website up to date these days, only those with the most modest budgets should consider a site that they can’t update themselves.  Even the most responsive web designer is no substitute for being able to update, preview and publish website changes yourself.  You need a website that includes a CMS – a Content Management System.

Potential WordPress user sitting at her PC in a green room

WordPress is a Content Management System.  There are lots of CMS systems to choose from, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses, but WordPress is by far the most widely used.  At the time of writing, over 72 million websites are run on WordPress, over 50% of the CMS site market.  This site is run on WordPress.  So why is it the choice of so many and the choice we would recommend to you?


The huge number of people using WordPress makes it a very reliable platform for your site. All those developers and users testing WordPress constantly mean problems are soon spotted and resolved. New versions are also responsive to the community’s needs with additional features and improvements.

If you do have a problem there are literally thousands of web professionals out there who could fix it for you. We’d rather you call us first of course, but it’s comforting to know you have plenty of options. If you’re looking to work on your own WordPress site, the official WordPress Forums are there to help, as well as many other communities dotted around the web.

There’s a Plugin for That

We’re all used to the phrase “there’s an App for that”, but with WordPress there’s almost certainly a plugin for that. If you need a feature on your website, chances are someone else needed it already and has created it as a plugin. A plugin is an add-on for your site that gives you new features, often available free of charge.

Want to link your site to your social networking accounts?  There are plugins for that. Rather turn your site into it’s own social network?  There are plugins for that too. With over 19,000 plugins hosted on the main WordPress site, if you can think of a feature, someone’s probably made it as a plugin.

Easy to Use

For most website owners, this is the real reason to choose WordPress – it is extremely easy to use with no technical knowledge at all. Update pages, add posts, upload pictures and tag your content without needing to worry about anything except what to say.  If you do need some basic orientation to get you on your way then it’s readily available; there are lessons and tutorials galore online. We provide a series of video tutorials to our WordPress customers which is more than enough to get the most reluctant writer updating their site on a regular basis.

So Why Not Try WordPress?

With all this going for it, there’s really no reason not to look at running your website on WordPress.  Contact us for more information on getting a WordPress site or if you’re more hands on go straight to WordPress.org to find out more.





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