Domain Names

WWWPicking a domain name is often the first step in creating a web site. Before you’ve decided exactly what information to put on your site, you’ve probably got an idea of what you want it to be called.

You may even have already registered a domain name, in which case you needn’t worry; we can link your website and web hosting to a domain name that you have registered elsewhere. But if you haven’t got a domain name already, you’ll want to choose the one that works for you best.

Choosing the Best Domain Name

The domain name is the internet address of your website. Pick something that’s not too long, so people can remember it easily. We can give you advice on which domain names will work and which won’t, based on our years of experience. And should your first choice already be taken and you need to choose a good alternative, we can provide you with suggestions and recommendations.

Domain names ending in .com are generally best in most cases, but for British sites and businesses a domain is just as good. For internationally orientated sites, domains ending in .uk are not so appropriate and .com or .net are better choices.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg of course; contact us for more detailed advice specific to your circumstances.