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WordPress Twenty Twelve

Those familiar with WordPress will be aware of its default themes over the last couple of years, named for the year of their creation. The default themes reflect changes in website style and technology, but ultimately provide a solid standard choice of website theme. The latest default theme is unsurprisingly called Twenty Twelve, although it [...]

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The First IE7 Tax

This news was first reported a couple of weeks ago and has got me thinking quite a bit. For those that missed it, Australian electronics retailer Kogan.com decided to put a 6.8% tax on anyone who checked out of their online store using Internet Explorer 7. The decision to do so was taken by their Chief [...]

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Tweet your first Tweet in 10 Minutes

Okay, so hopefully you read Are you Twitterpated by Twitter and decided to get yourself a Twitter account. This article gives you a run through of how to get started. Preparation You don’t need much information to join Twitter, but it’s worth making decisions and gathering the details before you actually go to twitter.com. If you’re [...]

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The EU Cookie Directive

A stack of chocolate chip and hazelnut cookies

You may be aware that on 25th May last year the EU brought into effect a new Cookie Directive; UK companies have until the 26th May 2012 to comply – a day now known as next Saturday. So, what is this likely to mean for you and your website? What’s the new Cookie Law say? The [...]

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Are you Twitterpated by Twitter?

Twitter logo, a white bird on a blue background

With an estimated 250 million monthly visitors Twitter is the second most popular social network (behind Facebook, of course). But in a world that has come to terms with social networks, many people still don’t get Twitter. It’s not a normal social network like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Google+, the other top 5 networks. These [...]

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Avatars and Gravatars

It is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”; that is never more true than when online. With blog and forum posts and comments, the most important picture is often your avatar – the graphical representation of you. In a forum or when you comment on a blog (both activities you should aim [...]

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Why use WordPress?

Potential WordPress user sitting at her PC in a green room

With the importance web surfers and search engines place on keeping your website up to date these days, only those with the most modest budgets should consider a site that they can’t update themselves.  Even the most responsive web designer is no substitute for being able to update, preview and publish website changes yourself.  You [...]

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The Golden Rule of a Successful Blog

Green Blog key on computer keyboard

After careful consideration of an appropriate topic to kick off the Anatomy of Restlessness site blog, there seemed to be only one real answer – the secret of a successful blog; the one rule that if you follow it, you’re website will benefit more than from any other. The Golden Rule of Blogging, if you [...]

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New Monthly Newsletter

From April 2012 we will be sending out our monthly Email Newsletter. This will be full of interesting and useful information for anyone who has or wants a web presence for themselves or their business. It will provide hints and tips on how to achieve the best results, plus solutions to common problems. To receive [...]

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Corsiva Boats UK

Corsiva Boats UK

The sole UK distributor for Corsiva boats wanted a website to showcase their range and asked us to design and build it. We agreed that a site based on the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) would suit their needs best. This gives them a flexible website platform that they use to maintain and update the [...]

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