WordPress Twenty Twelve

Those familiar with WordPress will be aware of its default themes over the last couple of years, named for the year of their creation. The default themes reflect changes in website style and technology, but ultimately provide a solid standard choice of website theme. The latest default theme is unsurprisingly called Twenty Twelve, although it [...]

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Avatars and Gravatars

It is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”; that is never more true than when online. With blog and forum posts and comments, the most important picture is often your avatar – the graphical representation of you. In a forum or when you comment on a blog (both activities you should aim [...]

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Why use WordPress?

Potential WordPress user sitting at her PC in a green room

With the importance web surfers and search engines place on keeping your website up to date these days, only those with the most modest budgets should consider a site that they can’t update themselves.  Even the most responsive web designer is no substitute for being able to update, preview and publish website changes yourself.  You [...]

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