About Us

Anatomy of Restlessness Limited was formed in 2009 to provide small and medium sized businesses with the web presence that they needed to prosper. While the focus is on website design and development, we also provide hosting and consultancy services. Over the past three years our services have grown with our clients needs to include desktop support and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

LightbulbWe have found that clients who take responsibility for their own websites fare best in today’s business environment. Our focus has therefore moved towards web solutions that allow our clients to keep their own customers up to date over the web. Although we can provide a wide variety of web solutions to meet individual needs, we favour websites based on the popular WordPress Content Management System (CMS) and online stores using OpenCart. We have also partnered with Cardsave to provide reliable online payment solutions.

What’s in a Name?

People often ask what Anatomy of Restlessness means, so we’ve posted an explanation here. Basically it means that people get bored sitting at home and they want to go out an explore. After a while out exploring, people often want the comforts of home again. The internet is a great way to explore the world from the comfort of your home, to get out there and learn new things without the time and expense of other methods.  To us, the internet is all about the anatomy of restlessness.