WordPress Twenty Twelve

Twenty Twelve WordPress themeThose familiar with WordPress will be aware of its default themes over the last couple of years, named for the year of their creation. The default themes reflect changes in website style and technology, but ultimately provide a solid standard choice of website theme.

The latest default theme is unsurprisingly called Twenty Twelve, although it will only be officially released with WordPress 3.5, which is scheduled for December this year.  We can however get a good idea of what this theme will look like from the Live Demo.  All the standard styling has been completed, so you shouldn’t expect much variation from this in the eventual release.

Twenty Eleven was a bold, larger than life design that was a good showcase for WordPress but I found it a bit ‘in your face’ to actually use or recommend to others. Twenty Twelve is quite minimalist in comparison, and with a focus on responsive design it should be a welcome addition to the core WordPress product when it arrives at the end of the year.

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