The content is the most important part of your website. No matter how cool the design is, there needs to be interesting or useful content to get people to visit. The words and pictures that make up the site are up to you – you know what you want to say. However, we can still play a part here, advising you on the best way to organise your content and maximise its effect.

Content Management

Stack of Brightly Coloured BooksWe can also be responsible for the update of content on your site. The simplest ‘brochure’ websites that provide information about you and your services don’t generally need updated often. When content updates are required (new services are added, you move premises etc.) we can do these for you on a Time & Materials basis. Alternatively, if you intend to regularly update your website’s content we offer a Website Maintenance Contract (starting from £10/month) to cover all the content updates that you need. This gives you peace of mind, not to mention huge savings, when it comes to budgeting for your website maintenance.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

The alternative for websites that need their content updated frequently is a Content Management System (or CMS for short); this is part of the website that allows you to update the site’s content yourself. A website with a CMS costs more, but you can update the site yourself without cost and at a moment’s notice. This is the best option for anyone whose website is constantly changing and new content is being added.