Email Services

@ Symbol on a StampIf you have a domain name you’ll want to have email linked to it, even if you don’t have a website yet. All of our website hosting accounts include email. We also have a specific type of account purely for email - Mailbox Hosting - if that’s all you’re looking for. What’s more, if you register your domain name with us you can have Mailbox Hosting for that domain for free. If you’ve already got a domain registered elsewhere, you can still use our Mailbox Hosting for just £5 a year.

Mailbox Hosting

Our Mailbox Hosting gives you up to five mail boxes. You can also have as many email addresses that forward to another account as you wish. This allows you to tell customers an appropriate email address (e.g.,, but you only need to monitor a single inbox.

All our other hosting services also include Mailbox Hosting.