Interactive Features

As well as CMS systems, we can also provide any other interactive features that you may want for your site.


Social NetworkAdding a forum to your site can be a good way of interacting with your customers and building a community around your business.

Login Area

If you only want to provide some information or services on your website to existing customers (or any other sub-group) we can provide you with a login function. Permitted users will be able to log in to gain access to these areas of your site.

Feedback & Reviews

By including the facility for visitors to comment about or review your products and services, you provide independant evidence that potential customers would be best to come to you rather than the competiton.

Woman pushing interactive buttonThe Sky’s the Limit

If there are any other interactive features you want on your site then we can build them for you, and engineer them seamlessly into your website. Contact us to discuss your ideas further and get a quote.